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This page allows users to easily manage QR codes for current URLs, custom URLs, custom text, WhatsApp, maps, phone numbers, email, social media, and much more.

Post Type QR Settings:

This QR code will basically be located after the content, in a specific place, the user will be able to hide from the specific post type if they want, for this part they will find a meta box in the post’s edit panel, which means the user can display and hide the QR on the specific post. See the meta box section, described with detailed images.




# Qr Code Size: It determines QR code size,  input a square Value here

# QR color (Dot Color) Color option for QR code, It is Dot Scale Color
# Background color: QR COde Background Color Option
# PO Color: Global Position Outer CSS color
# PI Color: Global Position Inner CSS color.
# PI Top Left Color: Position Inner CSS color – Top Left.
# PO Top Left Color : Position Outer CSS color – Top Left.
# AI Color: Alignment Inner CSS color.
# AO Color: Alignment Outer CSS color.
# Timing Color: Global Timing CSS color.
# Vertical Timing Color: Vertical timing CSS color.

# Background Image Alpha: Background image transparency. Ranges: 0.3 – 1
# DotScale: Dot style required Patterns. Ranges:0.5 - 1

Logo Image Upload:  User Can add the Company logo from here. Click the “Insert image ” button and upload the image from the WordPress media library.
# Exclude from a post type: This means that if users want to remove the QR code from a specific post type, they will do so from here, just click the apple button if it turns blue which means remove the QR code after the content of the exited post article.
# QR alignment: You will find three options here, left, center, right
# Product Qr Alignment: Single product page QR alignment settings option. You will find three options here, left, center, right
# Download Qr Text:  This option is only available after the content QR position, the viewer can download the QR code from the first end, if you want to change the text of the button can do it from here
# Shortcode:  click the copy button to copy the Shortcode


Master QR Details In Image 




QR MetaBox Setting #

User Can turn off and Turn on any specific post, page, or Product from this meta-box setting, go to the edit section and scroll down to the bottom and you can find Qr Code Hide/Display Section, If you want to Display select “No” and Save, By Default “Yes”

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