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Master QR Addon: #


The Elementor users can easily use the Master QR Generator with the “Master QR” addon, please go to the elementor edit page and look for “Master QR””

master qr elementor


Master QR Elements: Select The QR Elements from Drop Down, and input Necessary Content, 

QR Width: Input numeric Value, eg; 200

Dot Scale: numeric Value-> Dot style required Patterns. Ranges: 0.4 -0.8

QR Alignment: choose the QR alignment, eg;left,  center, right

Master QR Elements: #


1) Custom Link:  Write a Link in this box area

2) Whatsapp:  Write WhatsApp number with the country code in this box area,

3) Google Map:  2>Write L

4) Email:  Write Email Address in this box Area

5) WIFI:  2>Wifi Name : Input Wifi Name, 3> Wifi Type: Write Wifi Type, 4>Wifi Password: input Wifi Password

5) Phone:  2>Write Phone Number with Country Code



Logo & Background #


Enable Logo: if want the active logo, please click the switcher button. Now it is enabled for upload Image, choose an image and save

Enable Logo as Background: if want the active Background Image, please click the switcher button. Now it is enabled for upload Image, choose an image and save, please note: When using background images, keep the QR background color white for better scanning

Background Image Opacity: it is related to the background image, it is a numeric value and this is the image transparency scale. Ranges: 0.1 -0.5

Download Button #



Enable download button: if want the active Download QR Button, please click the switcher button. Now see below option will active,

Button Width:  numeric value,button width size as px & %,

Button Padding: CSS padding value for the Download button,

Button Margin from top: numeric value, the button space form the QR


Color: #

please click the Style Tab and see the color option



QR Dot color Color for QR code, It is Dot Scale Color
QR Background: QR Code Background Color Option, please none: Always use a light color, otherwise the QR Code cannot be scanned. We recommend white Color

Top Left Eye Color:

Top Left Eye Border:

Timing Horizontal Color:

Timing vertical Color:

Download Button Text:



Color diagram #


Master QR



If you need assistance, please feel free to contact us at sharabindu.bakshi@gmail.com (developer’s mail address). Thanks

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