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Master QR Addon: #


For Elementro user can use MAster QR Generator easily with “Master QR” addon, Please go to elementor edit panel and find “Master QR”


Master QR Elements: Select The QR Elements from Drop Down, and input Necessary Content, 

QR Width: Input numeric Value, eg; 200

Dot Scale: numeric Value-> Dot style required Patterns. Ranges: 0.5 -1 


Master QR Elements: #


1) Custom Link:  Write Link in this box area

2) Whatsapp:  Write WhatsApp number with the country code in this box area,

3) Google Map:  2>Write L

4) Email:  Write Email Address in this box Area

5) WIFI:  2>Wifi Name : Input Wifi Name, 3> Wifi Type: Write Wifi Type, 4>Wifi Password: input Wifi Password

5) Phone:  2>Write Phone Number with Country Code



Logo & Background #


Enable Logo: if want the active logo, please click the switcher button. Now it is enabled for upload Image, choose an image and save

Enable Logo as Background: if want the active Background Image, please click the switcher button. Now it is enabled for upload Image, choose an image and save

Background Image Alpha: it is related to the background image, it is a numeric value and this is the image transparency scale. Ranges: 0.3 -1 

Download Button #



Enable download button: if want the active Download QR Button, please click the switcher button. Now see below option will active,

Button Width:  numeric value,button width size as px & %,

Button Padding: CSS padding value for the Download button,

Button Margin from top: numeric value, the button space form the QR


Color: #

please click the Style Tab and see the color option

QR Dot color Color option for QR code, It is Dot Scale Color
QR Background: QR COde Background Color Option
Position Outer: Global Position Outer CSS color
 Position Inner: Global Position Inner CSS color.
PI Top Left Color: Position Inner CSS color – Top Left.
PO Top Left Color : Position Outer CSS color – Top Left.
AI Color: Alignment Inner CSS color.
AO Color: Alignment Outer CSS color.
Timing Color: Global Timing CSS color.
Vertical Timing Color: Vertical timing CSS color.


Color option based on  QR #


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